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Platforms with a Bad Website Design

Platforms with a Bad Website Design

bad web designHaving an appealing design for your website is essential, in our current days. Still, many developers forgot this important aspect and managed to create some of the worst looking websites. The following article aims to explain the bad website design term, and to present some of the ugliest websites on the internet.


1) Youth Duo [http://bit.ly/2ut9f09]

This website is created by Jamie Lin, a self proclaimed expert in the Feng Shui art. He has many other bad looking sites, but Youth Duo is the ugliest of them. This page promises some miraculous age reversing treatments and different skin care solutions. The content of the website is poorly written, but the biggest turn-off is the design. We don’t know if he tried too hard or he did it on purpose, but this website is one of the ugliest on the internet. Despite the appearances, this site is very popular and it has plenty of customers. But not because of the web design, that’s certain.

2) Modern Sky Festival (Finland) [http://bit.ly/2ssPBjy]

This website wanted to be a futuristic platform, but it embraced a lamentable failure. You will notice the ugliness from the moment you enter it, and you will see a bunch of details, that shouldn’t be there. The diversity of colors and banners will draw your attention from the content, making you want to leave as soon as possible. The navigation on this website is poorly optimized as well. The information is badly structured, and it’s extremely hard to surf through the categories.

3) Sinhala Movies [http://bit.ly/2ttgo0u]

This platform is developed in Sri Lanka and it’s the perfect example of a bad website design. Started as a movie providing platform, this site will overwhelm you with the multitude of GIFs, banners, ads and other flashy details. Even though it’s being constantly updated, this website looks like an average website from the 90’s, designed by a 12 years old person. There is no structure and even after you spend 10 minutes here, you won’t understand what it’s about.

4) Ling’s Cars [http://bit.ly/2tsWeUl]

When you enter Ling’s Cars, you wouldn’t think that is possible for someone to design such an ugly website. Built for a car renting service, this site gathers a bunch of unnecessarily details and features, that will make you ask a simple question. WHY? On this website you can see a sinking Titanic, a flying panda, a missile, a chicken, and many other things that aren’t related to car rentals. And it all comes with a flashy wallpaper and an annoying background music, that cannot be turned off (at least we couldn’t).


There is a very thin line between a nice developed platform and a bad website design. If you want to avoid such mistakes in the future, look at all of these websites and don’t do what they did. This should be simple.

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